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The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) is an independent government organism with administrative, technical and operative autonomy; a Federal Commissioner, who is named by the President and based on the Ministry of Healths advice, is in charge of this organism.

The COFEPRIS is supervised by the Ministry of Health, and is responsible for the following:

  • Performing health risk assessments regarding the competence, as well as identifying and assessing human health risks that could be developed in places where hazardous residues are handled;
  • Proposing to Ministry of Health a national policy concerning sanitary risks, as well as the tools necessary for: health establishments; drugs and other health supplies; organs, tissues, human cells and their components availability; food and beverages; cosmetic products; cleaning products; tobacco, pesticides, vegetal nutrients, toxic or hazardous substances; biotechnological products, food supplements, raw materials and additive contained in all the previous products manufacturing. Furthermore, it is in charge of preventing and controlling dangerous effects triggered by environmental compounds, occupational health and basic hygiene;
  • Making and issuing official Mexican norms related to products, activities, services and establishments within its competence,
  • Controlling and watching over sanitary aspects of the products mentioned in section II of this article; being in charge of the activities linked to the products afore mentioned, of their importing and exporting processes, as well as the control of the establishments used for these products manufacturing, and health establishments.
  • Controlling and watching over sanitary aspects of the activity, product and service advertising contained in the Norm and Regulations previously mentioned; it is also in charge of the organs, tissues and human cells availability for transplants.
  • Performing those characteristics assigned to the Ministry of Health by these Norm and Regulations concerning international sanitary conditions, with the exception of the issues concerning people;
  • Imposing sanctions and applying security measures within its competence.
  • Performing certain characteristics contained in the present norm, the Organic Law of Federal Public Administration, as well as other norms applicable that communicate the Ministry of Health about accidents involving toxic or dangerous substances or radiation activity; these events are to be assessed regarding environmental health, occupational health, hazardous residues and basic hygiene.
  • Participating, along with all of the administrative units of the Ministry of Health that are prepared in the instrumentation of preventing measures and disease control, as well as keeping an eye on epidemiologic activity, especially when this fact is linked to the sanitary risks resulting from products, activities or establishments within their competence; sanitary control regarding organs, tissues and human cells donations and transplants.
  • Source: General Health Law from Mexico
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